Medicaid Expansion

The Virginia General Assembly has refused to close the coverage gap for nearly 8 years. We've waited long enough. Take a minute right now to tell your State Senators and Delegates that Medicaid expansion is your #1 priority in the General Assembly. 

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Write your legislators now:

Session starts today. That means Delegates are back, newly-elected Delegates are sworn in, and State Senators are ready for debate. As my representative in the General Assembly, I want you to know that closing the coverage gap is my number one priority this year.

It is past time for Virginia’s General Assembly to take advantage of federal funds to ensure 400,000 hard working Virginians have access to quality affordable healthcare.

No one should go bankrupt or have to choose between rent and healthcare when an emergency strikes. No one should have to live in fear that one illness or accident could be catastrophic for their family’s financial security. No one should have to worry about seeing a doctor when they are sick.

We have waited long enough. Expanding Medicaid would help our neighbors and our families afford healthcare when they need it. 

I urge you quickly close the coverage gap with a clean Medicaid expansion—no loopholes, no waivers, no delay tactics.
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