Stand with the majority of Virginians who support access to reproductive health!

With Roe v. Wade under threat, the time to act is now.

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    We seek a Virginia where all people, regardless of race, gender identity or expression, immigration status, age, geographic location, and income can access comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including abortion. It is imperative that Virginia legislators pass meaningful, long-lasting reproductive health and rights legislation this session. Virginians have waited long enough. We must roll-back the medically-unnecessary laws on the books designed to shame, intimidate, and prevent patients from accessing safe, legal abortion care. Instead, we must respect the right to bodily autonomy and protect and expand access to reproductive healthcare for generations to come.  We call upon and urge our legislators to support legislation that creates a more equitable Virginia this session that protects and expands access to the full spectrum of reproductive health services including birth control, abortion, family planning, pregnancy, and post-partum care. 

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