Student Loan Debt: College Shouldn't be a Debt Sentence

College affordability is an issue our country is grappling with at the national level, state level, and particularly in the family level. We need to get this right so students can afford to get a higher education and have a successful start to their careers without being weighed down by student loan debt.

Tell them:

Student loans should provide financial assistance so more students can pursue a quality college education and find a good ­paying job. With the cost of higher education rising and a rigged economy that makes it difficult to find a job, too many graduates are saddled with debt they just can’t afford. I urge the Virginia State Council of Higher Education to endorse the proposed reforms to end student debt:

  • Allow borrowers to refinance student loans just like you can a mortgage.

  • Establish a Borrowers' Bill of Rights to extend the consumer protections that apply to other transactions to student loans.

  • Set up a Student Loan Navigator to help students and borrowers assess their options and find the best plan to finance college and repay their loans.

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