Warner and Kaine: No Supreme Court Justice Who Won’t Stand With Us

He may occupy the White House, but Trump only won 46% of the vote. The majority of Americans voted for equality, reproductive rights, civil rights, and workplace protections. We stood against bigotry, hate, xenophobia, racism, and sexism. Now we need to do it again. Tell Senators Warner and Kaine to oppose any nominee who won’t stand for our values and the Constitution.

Tell Senators Warner and Kaine: No to Trump's SCOTUS nominee

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Trump has made it crystal clear that he has zero regard for our Constitution or the values that make our country great.

In the short time, he has been in office, Donald Trump has trampled the Constitution, instituting an outrageous Muslim ban while his administration flagrantly flouts a court order concerning its implementation at Dulles airport and snubbing his nose at the Emoluments Clause. Trump cannot be trusted to nominate a Supreme Court Justice who will uphold our values and the Constitution. Please prevent any nominee from joining the court who will not commit to standing for the Constitution, our values, and our families.
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