Tell the Virginia Board of Health: Stop Sham Restrictions

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    In 2013, the Virginia Board of Health bowed to political pressure and advanced sham restrictions on Virginia women’s health centers that were designed solely to close clinics and restrict access to safe and legal abortion. Thankfully, the Board of Health is now reviewing these restrictions, and could approve amendments to roll back politically-motivated restrictions and keep health centers open, safe, and accessible for the women they serve. Help us fight back against these sham restrictions by submitting a public comment in support of amendments to the Health Commissioner and Virginia Board of Health!

    Tell them:

    The Board of Health must rewrite the current restrictions on women’s health centers to focus on preserving access to quality care and ensuring regulations are based in medicine and science, not politics. Current restrictions on Virginia women’s health centers are about politics, not medicine. Doctors, health care professionals, and a majority of Virginians oppose these restrictions. If the restrictions are not rewritten to protect medical integrity and remove politically motivated attacks designed to close providers, tens of thousands of Virginia women and families could lose access to quality reproductive medical care. Forcing health centers to close would not only endanger women's access to safe and legal abortion but also affordable access to services like critical cancer screenings and birth controlI urge the Commissioner and Board of Health to adopt the proposed amendments so the regulations reflect evidence-based medicine.