Tell The Board of Health: Say No to Medically Unnecessary and Unconstitutional Restrictions on Abortion Access!

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    In 2016, we made progress in revising politically-motivated sham restrictions designed to shut down Virginia abortion providers.

    Now, Virginia abortion providers are under attack once again. Anti-abortion extremists are trying to roll back our hard-fought victory, in an attempt to shut down clinics and regulate abortion access out of existence. We need your help to stop them. 

    Submit a public comment now to tell the Virginia Health Commissioner and Board of Health: science and medicine should guide health regulations, not politics!


    Tell the Virginia Health Commissioner and Board of Health:

    Please amend Virginia's politically-motivated Targeted Regulations on Abortion Providers (TRAP) regulations to reflect medicine and science. In 2016, the Supreme Court ruled in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt that restrictions that have no medical benefit and are designed simply to limit access to abortion and shut down healthcare clinics are unconstitutional. Virginia's architectural requirements are clearly unconstitutional under this standard. Further, the excessive administrative requirements present an additional undue burden to providers and patients in a blatant attempt to paperwork women's health centers out of business. 

    As you consider amendments to Virginia's abortion provider regulations, I hope you will prioritize patient confidentiality and access to healthcare.  Please heed the expertise of doctors, medical professionals and legal experts and amend these onerous, medically-unnecessary, and unconstitutional regulations to be based only on science and the standard of care