I ❤️Title X

You may have heard that the Trump Administration has proposed a new rule for the Title X program that would limit funding for reproductive health providers who refer patients for abortions or who provide abortions at their facilities. It's a gag rule, and it's a direct attack on women's reproductive rights. More so, it jeopardizes the health of millions of women, men, and families who rely on Title X to receive basic healthcare. 

Title X is the only federal program that provides funding for reproductive healthcare—services such as birth control, cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment, and wellness exams. Most of the women who benefit from Title X are low-income, and women of color. And their right to preventative healthcare is being threatened—AGAIN. This time, by a bunch of bureaucratic white men.

Trump's administration is working to keep people from accessing birth control and reproductive health care. That's it, and we want it to stop.

You can help. Every voice, every story that is told brings more attention to the real Virginians who rely on Title X services and Title X-funding healthcare providers everyday. 

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